Jessica Rose

Aug 11

RIP Robin Williams →

What better way to heal my soul after crying over Robin Williams’ passing than to watch Robin work his magic?

I really need to laugh because I had a crying fit over Robin Williams’ passing that lasted a few hours and now I have a bad headache.
This was the man that made my childhood. He always found a way to make me smile no matter whatever he did nor how old I was. If I’m having a bad day, I watch him and my face lifts up from laughter. He just made the whole world’s day a lot brighter.

As one who grew up with his movies and who looked up to him, it was a dream of mine to meet him. I wanted to let him know that I’d be content if I was even a quarter of an amazing actor he was and how I found him an old friend, even though I never knew him personally. He was the greatest actors that have ever graced all forms of media.

We lost a beautiful soul today. I have and will always love him. ‪

  1. ask-baby-loki said: I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one crying my eyes out over Mr. Williams.. *sends hugs from the Mun as well as from Baby!Loki*
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